About Myself

This is my first blog post here, and as I was thinking what to post about, I thought why not tell you a bit about myself and why I chose to start this blog.

I am a 27 years old (2014), male, and an Indian. I am deeply interested in history, although all of my degrees are in hard science/math areas. My Bachelors was more or less completely pure math (something that I still love) with bits of Statistics and Computer Science. Later I pursued a Masters in Statistics. This led on to a job where I was basically the in-house statistical consultant to a number of social scientists and economists at a well-known Business School in India. Finally, last year, I moved to the US to do a Ph.D. in Statistics.

I read a lot, both as a professional requirement and as a hobby. And as I’ve read more and more, I’ve come to to understand more and more about how the world works, why exactly does it work that way, and where exactly do we stand today.

By faith and worldview, I am deeply Hindu. Thus, often when I am reading, I am concurrently (=at the same time) giving that material my own insight, examining it through my own prism, and linking it to what I have read previously. I like to imagine it is how a Hindu would look at the world, at its history, at its affairs. Sadly, however, there is very little reading material out there that derives from any sort of Hindu outlook at all. I felt that I had something to say, something that was important, something that needed to be heard.

Hence this blog!

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