What I fear…

What is it that scares me you ask?

Is the exams, I take, and do not ace?
Or is it dragons that walk these halls,
Who spite me, and I spite doubly back?
Or is it petty little spies they send,
To watch me, touch my things, influence my head?

A title I sought, I did not get,
does the failure cause the fear to spread?
A job I seek, some work for pay,
A fear of failure in that may?

A foreign land, a land unknown,
a people strange, customs unknown.
A future unseen, a direction hidden,
Life indeed, is it not feared?

Nay, nay, my little friend,
I fear none of these,
Fear cannot touch me, 
by none of these.

Yet, it does visit me every night,
and every morn, noon and evening light.
And all it whispers in my ear,
is that I may lose you, YOU! my dear.

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