China’s One Child Policy

What I want to write about today, may appear to be something quite different, but through it, I will again try to illustrate Dharma, and how it influences everything, even in the modern world. One ignores Dharma at one’s own peril, for indeed Dharma is the Natural Law of this Universe, and each of our actions can succeed only to the extent that they conform to it. And, indeed, our failures are in direct relation to the extent our actions are opposed to Dharma.

As I was browsing through the headlines today, this popped up:

Yi Fuxian, Critic of China’s Birth Policy, Returns as an Invited Guest

Eight thousand miles is a long way to fly someone so he can tell you you’re wrong.

The day will mark a remarkable transition for Dr. Yi, from pariah to V.I.P. Six years ago, officials in his home province of Hunan threatened to arrest him if he returned from the United States, where he has lived since 1999,…

So why is this man so controversial? Turns out, Dr. Yi spoke truth to power. He told the Communist rulers of China that the one-child policy that they had implemented would ensure that China would never become an economic super-power.

One reads,

“People say we can be two to three times the size of America’s economy,” Dr. Yi said. “I say it’s totally impossible. It will never overtake America’s, because of the decrease in the labor force and the aging of the population.” The United States has a much healthier age distribution, he said.

Such a message is of course going to be intolerable for the Communists to hear. The Chinese Communists are the most hypocritical of all regimes in power today. Having long ago abandoned even the appearance of any kind of economic justice, let alone equality, their main rationale for continuing in power since the 80’s has been economic development and wealth.

Deng Xiaoping, the absolute dictator of China from the death of Mao (1978) until 1992, is reputed to have said,

It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.

That is, it doesn’t matter what economic policies are followed, as long as the aim of economic prosperity is achieved.

Unfortunately, however, Mr. Deng never elaborated on why such a brilliant idea struck him only so late, and if economic policies never really mattered at all, then why did the Chinese Communists at all provoke a civil war.

[And even after they won, their blood lust was never really satisfied – it is estimated that China’s Communist Party has murdered as many as a 100 million people since assuming power in 1949. For perspective, that is as much as 2/3 of the US population in 1949!]

Mr. Deng is also reputed to have said,

To get rich is glorious.

When we put this quote next to Dr. Yi’s prediction above, about how China will never catch up to the USA in terms of economic power, because of its population policies, it starts to make sense why this man was banned forever from returning to China.

“By 2060 there will be one billion Chinese. By 2080 there will be 700 million. And the result will be — all old people,” he said, flicking through graphs for a lecture he will deliver at universities across the country in April, after Boao.

China’s current population is 1.35 billion. This means that just 40 years from now – that is an event that will take place within our lifetimes, China’s population will shrink dramatically. That is 350 million people we are talking about.

To put a story on these numbers, what we will see happen is that all older & middle aged Chinese will die, and there will be no-one to replace them. Most of the young Chinese too, shall not have kids. That is how you shrink from 1.35 billion (predicted to peak at 1.45 billion) to 1 billion. And from there, to just 700 million.

The Human Cost

Let us forget about numbers and statistics and economics for a moment. These are human babies we are talking about. And human parents. Let us look at that too briefly.

Again from the NYT article above, something from Dr. Yi’s own life:

… [China’s Communists] threatened to arrest him [Dr Yi] if he returned from the United States, where he has lived since 1999, for helping his sister-in-law escape a forced abortion at seven months, he said in an interview in Beijing this week en route to the forum in Hainan Province. Also, his cousin’s wife’s baby was killed in utero one week before the baby’s expected birth, he said.

In most cases, abortion of a human fetus is considered absolutely unsafe beyond 1 month. And it progressively just becomes more and more unsafe, even for the mother. And here, we have not an abortion, but what one should, in proper terms call a murder. 7 months and 1 week before delivery. What kind of barbarism is this?

And this kind of madness is hardly something unique. For more instances, see this and this.

Control, Control, Total control!

Ultimately, it is the female of the species who has the divine gift of being able to give birth, and therefore any birth control policy, is ultimately a policy aimed at controlling women. Let us make no mistake about this.

This excellent article at CNS News focuses on this aspect,

With all the talk surrounding International Women’s Day this week, it is important to remember the many women of China. Innumerable Chinese women have been denied the right to have children, and many others have been denied the most fundamental right of all: the right to take their first breath and live.

The author here is referring to the horrible sex ratio in China, where there are as many as 115 boys to a 100 girls. In other words, we are missing a huge number of Chinese girls. What happened to them?

And for those who do reach adulthood, and child-bearing age, Communism holds out little hope, for indeed, their ability to give birth is considered nothing less than a crime under Communism.

…subjecting women to forced sterilization, forced abortion, and exacerbating social phenomena including human trafficking and mail-order brides.


The devaluation of women under the one and two-child polices is a result of the failure to acknowledge the importance of human life. And it has led to irreversible negative societal impacts.

And ultimately, it is society itself that starts to break down, for,

And the sex ratio imbalance has led to a phenomenon known as “bare branches,” which refers to the notion that Chinese men are increasingly violent, restless, and unable to find wives.

And for what this terrible suffering?

The reason why the one-child policy was enforced in the first place was because China, the Communists declared was “Over-Populated”. The idea was that China was poor, since it had so many mouths to feed. Therefore, if China was to become a rich country, then the number of mouths must somehow be reduced.

And if this meant the murder of fetuses and the criminalization of Female Biology itself, then so be it.

Ultimately, 400 million births have been thought to have been prevented by this policy. That is, these 400 million were sacrificed, so that others could eat their rightful share, wear what these babies would have worn, played in the parks where these babies would have played, and so on.

The Chinese should not forget that number anytime soon.

China Shanghai town city blocks of flats high-rise buildings city skyline Huangpu river flow Pudong evening travel traveling
Chinese prosperity has been built on the foundation of the brutal and ruthless murder of 400 million defenseless fetuses.

The Invisible Hand of Dharma

The Hindus have among them many sayings. One of these is about how a guest is nothing less than a God (“Athiti Devo Bhav”). Another is about how one never needs physical space, rather if there is space in one’s heart, all will be well. That is to say, if we are ready to share, and live together, and cooperate, a lot more of us can live just as happily.

As a Hindu, reading these numbers, this kind of economics, is deeply revolting. Hindus believe strongly in the sanctity of all life – whether it is an animal or even a plant. And this is after all Human Babies we are talking about.

But Hindus believe in all this, because, ultimately, they believe in Dharma. They know, that Dharma is their protector at every hour of day and night. Whether in the camp of the enemy, in the deepest forest, under the sea, or far away in another galaxy – as long as we lives by Dharma, no harm can ever come to us. This is what we, as Hindus, know. This is what gives us our strength.

The one who lives by Dharma, is protected by it.

And just, as Dharma protects – it also destroys. Make no mistake about it. The smallest of our actions, that shall sway from the path of Dharma, shall end in defeat & failure. Every action, to the extent that it conflicts with Dharma, shall end in failure to that extent.

And thus, we see in this long tale of China, and Communism, and brutal birth control, the same invisible hand of Dharma.

The economic growth for which the Communists inflicted terrible pain on their population, indeed, their own women – mothers, sisters and wives – that same economic growth shall now be denied to them. China will never catch up to the USA, for the sole reason that it will never have enough workers.

The 400 million fetuses have had their revenge.

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