Promotions in a Totalitarian System

In a totalitarian system, the less you work, the more beloved you are. The more mistakes you do, the most encouragement you shall receive. And if you have a character weakness – women or alcohol – nothing could be better!

This is because, a totalitarian system is built on a foundation of controlling people. And this includes not only the commoners, but also the officers & enforcers of the totalitarian organization itself.

And therefore every weakness of an officer of the system is something that the system likes – it gives the system greater control over that person – ambition, a fondness for women, for alcohol, sheer incompetence – such people are throughout promoted, for the dual reason that they can never pose a threat to anyone, leave alone the system, and they can be made to dance to any tune.

But in this pattern of behavior, also lies the ultimate doom of totalitarianism.

Over the long term, as the system promotes more and more monkeys, and as the older generation of puppet masters either dies out or retires, a point is eventually reached when the system is all monkey, and no master.

At that point, either the system literally dissolves, seemingly on its own (USSR / Mughal Empire) or is overthrown by some revolution.

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